hello i’m kayla. it’s so nice to meet you!

If you told me years ago that I’d be doing my own nails at home and sharing tutorials and inspiration with others, I’d think you were kidding. I could barely paint my own nails!

Instead, I’d rely heavily on the salon. That was until my husband and I decided to move to a rural community.

Though I’m in love with the towering trees, lakes, and gorgeous outdoor space, there are few options for beauty salons around here. ​ That’s when I decided to try dip powder nails at home – and I loved it!

It was perfect for taking time away from my computer-based job and relax.

At the heart of our move to a rural community was the desire to design a lifestyle that would allow us to take time for ourselves and enjoy new opportunities.

While I love spending time doing my nails, I also enjoy going on adventures with my husband and closest friends. Oftentimes, heading out on a hike with our dogs, managing our growing garden, canning delicious preserves, tasting wines and craft beer, and travelling. ​

I look forward to sharing my favorite beauty and nail inspiration. Plus lots of fresh ideas to liven up your self-care routine.