3 Beginner-Friendly Tricks to Do Almond Shape Short Nails at Home

Try These 3 Easy Tricks to Do Almond Shape Short Nails

If you want to learn how to do almond shape short nails, you’ve gotta try these 3 simple nail shaping tricks! This beginner-friendly nail shaping technique will make it a lot easier to achieve almond nails at home.

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watch video: how to do almond shape short nails

Follow this tutorial to learn how to do almond shape short nails at home.

Almond shape nails look gorgeous on just about everyone! You can choose to wear them long, or even rock them on short nails.

almond shape short nails with white dip powder

What I love most about almond nails is they don’t get snagged as often. This is a big plus for busy people who are constantly working with their hands!

To learn how to shape your nails into an almond shape (even if they’re short!) keep on reading.

Products Needed for Shaping Almond Nails

Here’s what you’ll need to shape your nails:

  • Curved Hand File – These are my favorite hand files to use! Not only are they great for shaping your nails, but they’re also helpful when blending dip powder as well. The curved shape allows you to work around the delicate skin without harm.
  • Short Oval Nail Tips (optional) – If you want to add a bit of length to your nails, these tips are fantastic! They already have an oval shape that you can easily taper into an almond shape using this technique.
  • Brush On Nail Glue (optional) – If you choose to add nail tips, this is the best nail glue to use for great adhesion.

3 Beginner-Friendly Tricks to Shape Almond Nails

Before you begin shaping your nails, you can choose to apply tips first. If you want to know how to apply nail tips, you can see the step-by-step tutorial here.

Nail tips are not necessary, but they’re a great option if you’d like to add some length to your nails. Or even fix a broken nail to even out your manicure.

TIP: Shape your nails before applying your nail enhancement. For example, I use dip powder on my nails. By shaping nails beforehand, you can cap the edges during application without the risk of filing off that seal. This will prevent lifting at the tip. When you’re done shaping each nail, you can begin to prep your nails for dip powder like this.

Trick #1: Mark the Center of Your Nail

Begin by placing a small mark on the center of your nail.

mark nail to begin creating almond shape short nails

This simple trick will make it so much easier to shape your almond nails! It provides a clear visual for where to run your file on either side.

Trick #2: File the Nails with Curved Motion While Switching Frequently Between Sides

Starting from the corner of the nail, move the file in a curved motion towards that center mark on the nail. Be sure to move the file in one direction.

file one side to achieve almond shape on short nails

After 3-4 strokes, switch to the opposite side of the nail and repeat this process.

switch sides to create even almond shape on nails

To ensure your nails are even, it’s best to only file a few strokes on each side at a time. This will prevent taking too much off from one side and creating an uneven shape.

Trick #3: Check Your Nails from Multiple Angles While Filing

As you are filing, check your nails from multiple angles. This will provide a better visual to catch any unevenness.

To do this, hold your nails like this while filing:

check nails from different directions for even almond nail shape

Then check your nails frequently like this to pick out any imperfections:

shaping almond nails by checking during filing for even shape and length

By frequently checking your nail shape from each angle, you’ll have an easier time checking if the almond shape needs any touching up.

Once you’re happy with the shape, you are ready to proceed with your manicure! As mentioned above, I generally shape my nails before beginning my nail prep. When the nails are prepped, it’s time to apply your preferred nail enhancement.

To learn how to apply dip powder to your beautiful almond shaped nails, you can learn how to do dip nails at home here.


By providing a clear marker, filing a little from each side at a time and checking your progress from multiple angles, you will have a much easier time achieving a gorgeous almond shape to your nails.

If you’d prefer to do square shape short nails, you can watch the tutorial here.

If you’d like to learn more DIY nail tricks, I’ve shared helpful nail tutorials here on Pinterest.

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