4 Best Dip Nail Kit Options to Use at Home

Here are the Best Dip Nail Kit Options with Easy to Use Dip Liquids

Are you looking for the best dip nail kit to use at home? Don’t buy anything until you’ve read this first! Below I’ve shared details about the best dip powder kits so you can find one that suits your experience level and needs.

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Choosing the right dip nail kit will make a huge difference. They’re not all built the same! Some kits include dip liquids that make application difficult. Others carry strong odors that can be incredibly irritating.

Most Affordable Dip Kit: Makartt Dippies

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly dip nail kit, the Makartt Dippies set wins hands down! If you want to know exactly why…

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The base liquid included in this kit applies nicely. It’s thick enough to allow for a slow drying time. This is great for beginners who need a little extra time to paint on the base coat!

I also love that this kit includes the basics. You’ll get 6 beautiful dip powder colors to get you started. It also includes a file as well.

Here’s Where to Get Makartt Dippies:

Most Beginner-Friendly Dip Kit: Sparkle & Co

The Sparkle & Co dip liquids are some of my favorite beginner-friendly products. To find out why, you can…

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The base liquid has a slower dry time which makes it perfect for beginners.

Now, you should know that this slower dry time is because the base liquid is on the slightly thicker side. With that said, it’s important to wipe your brush before application. This will prevent you from applying the base liquid too thick and getting a bulky or lumpy finish.

The other thing I loved about these is the wear! I followed my usual nail prep routine and achieved great, lasting results. Plus the shine of the top coat is beautiful.

Here’s Where to Get Sparkle & Co:

Most Loved Dip Kit: Virgo & Gem

If you frequent online dip nail communities, you can often see Virgo & Gem dip liquids being recommended. To find out why these are some of the most loved dip powder liquids…

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These dip liquids blew my world wide open! I had started with a different brand of dip liquids and struggled to get a good application. Admittedly, I was still learning how to dip my nails at home. However, as soon as I switched to Virgo & Gem, I had a noticeably easier time dipping my nails!

The base liquid applies so nicely. Making it so much easier to achieve thin even layers without getting lumps and bumps.

Now, the downside to this thinner liquid is that it dries quicker.

This can be an obstacle for beginners who require a bit more time to paint their nails. It can also make it trickier when trying to learn how to do ombre nails or glitter ombre nails too. If these things are important to you, you may be better off choosing the Makartt Dippies or Sparkle & Co liquids instead.

However, with the ease of application and gorgeous finish, the Virgo & Gem dip kit has earned its most loved reputation.

Here’s Where to Get Virgo & Gem:

Best Premium Dip Kit: Kiara Sky

Kiara Sky is a dip nail kit used by nail professionals. With its amazing quality, ease of application and great finish – it’s easy to see why! To find out exactly why Kiara Sky liquids are some of the best on the market…

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The Kiara Sky dip liquids are all around some of the best!

The base liquid applies so nicely in thin even layers. Making it easy to achieve a smooth finish that requires minimal buffing. Plus, you cannot beat the wear and shine of this dip kit. They’re gorgeous!

So what’s the downside? Well, this dip nail kit is slightly pricier than the options shared above. While it’s definitely not necessary to spend a ton to achieve a great dip nail manicure at home, this kit is well worth the splurge.

Their dip powders are also fantastic and apply so nicely as well.

Here’s Where to Get Kiara Sky:

Everything You Need to Build Your Dip Nail Kit

Once you choose a dip nail starter kit with dip powder and dip liquids, there are a few more essentials you’ll want to pick up. These will make doing your nails at home much easier.

Nail Prep

Following a proper nail prep routine is so important! It will ensure your manicure lasts without lifting or popping off.

A good nail prep routine starts with having great products.

Here’s What You’ll Need to Prep Your Nails for Dip Powder:

  • Blue Cross Cuticle Remover – This cuticle remover will remove the cuticles easily from your nail bed to prevent lifting.
  • Glass Cuticle Pusher – You can use any cuticle pusher for this step. However, this glass cuticle pusher does a phenomenal job at removing all of that ‘invisible’ cuticle from the nail.
  • Buffer Blocks – When prepping the nail, you should very lightly buff the shine. These orange buffer blocks are great for this step.
  • Nail Cleanser – You don’t need to buy this specifically because you can create a nail cleanser at home. You will need pure acetone and 99% rubbing alcohol for this cleanser.

Dip Nail Application

Your dip nail kit will include the liquids and dip powder needed for application. You’ll need a few more tools to make the application easier.

Here’s What You’ll Need to Apply Dip Powder:

  • Curved Hand File – You can use any hand file to smooth and shape your dip powder. However, I prefer these curved files. The curved shape makes it easier to blend into your natural nails without tearing up your skin.
  • Buffer Blocks – To achieve a smooth finish, these buffer blocks are fantastic. They can also be used during your prep process as well.
  • MelodySusie E-File (optional) – An e-file isn’t necessary as you can achieve a smooth dip manicure just by using a hand file. However, an e-file can make it easier to blend into the natural nail. It can also speed up the buffing process.
  • Toothpick – A toothpick trick will make it so much easier to get clean cuticle lines. Make sure you have these on hand when doing your dip manicure.
  • Toothbrush – You need to brush off excess dip powder between layers to ensure you do not contaminate your base liquid. I prefer using a toothbrush. The stiffer bristles do a great job of removing powder from every little crevice.
  • Nail Tips (optional) – You do not need tips to dip your nails. However, if you want to get instant length, you can apply nail tips before dipping your nails.
  • Nail Glue (optional) – If you will be applying nail tips, you will need a good nail glue to secure them.

Dip Nail Removal

Dip nails can be removed easily at home. To take off your nails, you will require a few products.

Here’s What You’ll Need to Remove Dip Powder:

  • Low Grit Hand File – You will need to fully remove the shiny layer before removal. This is easier when using a low-grit hand file.
  • MelodySusie E-File (optional) – To greatly speed up removal, I highly recommend using an e-file paired with these carbide bits.
  • 100% Pure Acetone – It is critical that you use the correct acetone with removal. Regular nail polish remover will not remove the dip nails effectively. Check the label to ensure you’re using 100% pure acetone only.
  • Coconut Oil (optional) – To maintain moisture while soaking the nails, you can add a little bit of coconut oil to the acetone.
  • Willowash Electrical Nail Enhancement Remover (optional) – This electric remover makes taking off the dip nails quick and hassle-free.

Choosing one of these recommended dip nail kits and building out your collection with these essentials will make doing your nails at home so much easier!

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  1. Dip flu sufferer here. I’ve been using Kimberz Kreations with some success but, wondering if you have a preference??

    • Hi Linda – I’m sorry to hear that! I haven’t tried Kimberz before. I find the Virgo & Gem to be less aggravating as far as odor goes, though they’re not listed as a low odor liquid. I’ve shared the Virgo & Gem liquid review here. You could also try the Sparkle & Co low odor liquids – review is here – they are on the thinner side, but may be a good option if your sensitive to the scents. I hope that helps!

  2. I can’t find nails that fit mine, I have that toe thumb 👍 so mine a bigger and I can’t find any that fit any one know ??

    • Oh no – that’s frustrating! I have the opposite problem with really tiny nail beds. The Buqikma Nail Tips are the nail tips I prefer and come with a range of sizes that may work for you.


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