Dip Nail Ideas for Winter: Snowflake Nail Art Tutorial

Dip Nail Ideas for Winter: Snowflake Nail Art with Glitter Ombre

These snowflake and glitter nails will top any list of dip nail ideas for winter because they are gorgeous! Plus, they’re much easier to do yourself than you’d think. Below, I’ll break down exactly how to recreate this look.

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Watch Video: How to Recreate Snowflake and Glitter Winter Nails

List of Products Needed

If you’ve looked through a ton of dip nail ideas for winter and you are ready to recreate these winter snowflake nails, I’ve shared everything that I used below.

Here’s Everything Used to Create These Winter Nails at Home

Steps to Recreate These Winter Nails

Step 1) Apply Dip Powder

Before you get into the nail art design, apply your dip powder base.

In this manicure, I used Bonjour by Revel Nail for the light blue nails. For the ring finger accent nail, I used Wonderland by Revel Nail.

Once you’ve applied your dip powder, activate and then buff your nails before moving on to the next step.

TIP: Since we’ll be using gel on top of the dip powder, use a coarse file to light rough the surface. This will give the gel better adhesion.

Step 2) Create the Snowflake Nail Art

Now the fun part! Let’s create the snowflake nail art.

Grab a white gel liner like this one from Beetles. Add it to a nail palette and then grab your line brush.

Then starting your brush in the middle of the nail, lay the brush flat and rotate your finger to create a horizontal line.

Next, create a vertical line down the side of the nail. Followed by two more lines on a 45 degree angle.

Now take your dotting tool and apply dots in between each of the lines.

Then grab your line brush and connect the dots to the main lines in a “V” formation. The dots will be your marker for where the bottom of the “V” should be.

Now you can add the details to the ends of the snowflake lines. Think of the lines as the bottom of your “v” as you create two “v’s” per line.

That completes the snowflake nail art! Pop your hand into the UV light to fully cure.

OPTIONAL: If you want to add a little glitz, grab a sparkly gel polish and your dotting tool. Then place dots around the snowflake to jazz it up. When you’re done, pop into the UV lamp to cure.

Step 3) Add Glitter Ombre to Your Nail Tips

To give these winter nails even more sparkle, we’re going to add a glitter ombre to your blue nails.

To start, grab your sparkly dip powder. I used Wonderland again. You’ll also need a fluffy brush.

First, apply base liquid to the bottom 3/4 of your nail. Then dip your brush into the glitter dip powder and tap the bristles to sprinkle onto the tip of your nail. Be sure to hold your nail at a 45 degree angle with the tip up. This will help more of the glitter land on the tip to create the glitter ombre effect.

TIP: To amp up the ombre effect, dip the tip of your nail into the glitter dip powder. Then use your brush to blend the powder into an ombre.

For more tips on how to create ombre glitter tip nails, check out the tutorial here.

Step 4) Apply Gel Top Coat

To finish your winter nails, it’s time to apply a top coat. I used my favorite – the Stain Resistant Gel Top Coat by Young Nails.

Apply the top coat to each nail. Make sure you cap your edges by running the brush lightly over the free edge. This will prevent your manicure from chipping.

When you’re done applying the top coat, fully cure your nails in the UV lamp.

Once cured, you are all done!

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