Use This DIY Nail Cleanser to Prevent Lifting

This DIY Nail Cleanser Prevents Lifting & Promotes a Longer Lasting Manicure!

If you do your nails at home then you need to be using this DIY nail cleanser. Cleansing the nail will remove oils and moisture to achieve better adhesion and prevent lifting. Not only will this maintain your manicure, it’s also important for your nail health. Read on to find out why it’s so important to prevent lifting and how to create this DIY nail cleanser.

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Lifting sucks.

It is so heartbreaking to learn how to do dip nails at home like this. Then work hard on a manicure, only to have it start lifting days later. While it’s disappointing to shorten the lifespan of your manicure, lifting can put your nail health at risk as well.

Did You Know Lifting Can Put Your Nail Health at Risk?

When dip powder, acrylic, or other nail enhancement starts to lift, it creates openings that allow moisture, bacteria, and fungi to become trapped on the nail. Not only can this cause discomfort and discolorations, it can lead to potential infections as well. One of the most common issues is often referred to as “greenies” (also known as green nail syndrome) which occurs when moisture is trapped underneath the nail enhancement.

remove nails properly to avoid nail damage

Lifting can also make your manicure prone to getting snagged, especially on your hair. This can forcefully remove the nail enhancement and damage the surface of the nail.

How to Prevent Lifting

To prevent your dip nails from lifting, you must prep nails for dip powder by following a proper routine like this.

This includes fully removing the cuticle, giving your nails a light buff, and then cleansing and dehydrating the nail to remove moisture and oils.

A solid nail prep routine includes the right products as well. Here’s what I recommend:

  • Remove the cuticle with Blue Cross Cuticle Remover and Glass Cuticle Pusher – this combination works well to remove the cuticle from the nail for better adhesion. Make sure you wash your nails with soap after using.
  • Lightly rough the nail surface with Buffer Block – for better adhesion, you should lightly rough the nail’s surface. Be gentle and take care not to file too much of your natural nails.
  • Use an effective nail cleanser to dehydrate the nail and remove surface oils – Moisture and oils on the nail surface can cause poor adhesion of nail products. This leads to lifting. Make sure you properly cleanse your nails before application.

Many People Make the Mistake of Not Cleansing Their Nails Properly

If you don’t use the right nail cleanser, you can leave oils and moisture on the nail which will cause lifting. Or even cause your nail enhancements to pop right off!

So many DIYers will prep their nails using only acetone or rubbing alcohol. However, a combination of both is needed. Alcohol and acetone remove different types of oils. Using both ensures that all oils are removed from the nail.

Another common mistake is only using a brush on nail dehydrator. If you don’t cleanse the nails before use, your brush will collect surface oils and distribute them into the bottle. Over time, this can compromise your dehydrator as oil builds with each use. Eventually, your dehydrator can redeposit oil onto the nail rather than remove it.

I am guilty of making both of these nail-cleansing mistakes. However, since using this DIY nail cleanser, my dip powder manicures have reliably lasted so much longer! It makes such a difference.

How to Make a DIY Nail Cleanser

Here’s how to make a DIY nail cleanser so you can effectively cleanse your nail before application.

Products Needed

To create this DIY nail cleanser, you will need:

Step 1) Get an Acetone-Safe Container

You will need an acetone-safe container to store your DIY nail cleanser.

IMPORTANT: You cannot store acetone in any old plastic container. I store mine in a recycled acetone container.

Step 2) Mix Acetone & Alcohol into Container

To create the cleanser, mix 1 part acetone to 3 parts alcohol into your container.

You need to use 100% pure acetone and 90% or more Isopropyl Alcohol.

Final Thoughts

Taking steps to prevent lifting by using an effective DIY nail cleanser is an important part of your at-home manicure routine. Your manicure will be much more resilient and last longer. Plus, you’ll protect your nails from potential health risks too.

You should also take care to avoid flooding cuticle by doing this during application. Getting product on the skin can lead to lifting as well.

Now if you’re going to be maintaining your manicures longer, you’ll need some fresh nail ideas! Be sure to check this out for the latest nail design trends and inspiration for your next manicure.

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