If You Want a Cheap Way to Do Nails at Home, Here’s Everything You Need

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If you want to start doing your nails at home, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what to buy. Especially if you don’t want to spend a whole lot of money upfront to get started!

Luckily, dip powder offers a cheap way to do nails at home. Plus, you don’t need a whole lot to get started.

Below, I’ve compiled a list of the most important DIY nail products to get

Remember, this list is only meant to get you started. You can always add on and upgrade your nail kit as you go.

Here’s Everything You Need to Do Your Nails at Home on the Cheap:

Dip Powder Starter Kit: Makartt Dippies

  • This is my favorite affordable dip powder kit that’s available on Amazon. The quality of the dip liquids is great considering the price point. It also includes 6 colors of dip powder to get you started.

Blue Cross Cuticle Remover

  • To avoid lifting, you’ll need to prep your nails and remove all of the cuticles. The Blue Cross cuticle remover works really well. Just make sure you wash it off with soap really well and dehydrate your nails with acetone/rubbing alcohol before applying your dip powder.

Glass Cuticle Pusher

  • You can use any cuticle pusher during your nail prep. The reason I recommend the Glass cuticle pusher is because it does a fantastic job of removing everything from the nail.

Curved Hand File

  • A curved hand file will make it much easier to smooth out your dip manicure, especially around the cuticle area.

Orange Buffer Blocks

  • You can opt to skip these if preferred and buff your manicure with just a hand file. I recommend these because they do a great job of smoothing everything out. I love using these after getting out all the initial bumps with a hand file.

Toothbrush to Remove Excess Powder

  • This is also optional since a brush does come with the dip powder starter kit. However, the stiffer bristles of a toothbrush do a much more thorough job of getting excess powder out of every crevice. This is important for a smooth finish and to avoid contaminating your base liquid.


  • A toothpick will help you achieve clean lines. This is especially helpful for beginners who are still learning how to apply their dip liquids.

100% Acetone

  • To remove your dip powder manicure, you will need 100% acetone. Regular nail polish remover will not work effectively. That’s why it’s so important for removal to use pure acetone.

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