Halloween Nails: Designs for Spooky Season

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Halloween nails are one of my favorites! There are so many great designs to embrace the spooky season and have a little fun with your manicure.

Before we get into the Halloween nail designs, please note that many of these are created with dip powder and gel polish. The reason I use dip powder as a base is because it adds strength to the nail. Allowing them to grow out without breaking.

Once the dip powder is applied, you can use gel polish over top.

To see how to apply the dip powder first, check out this step-by-step dip powder application tutorial.

If you’re applying gel polish on top of dip powder, make sure that you:

  • Apply the dip powder, activate, and then buff. Remember, you want to leave the surface slightly rough so that the gel can adhere properly.
  • After buffing, skip the second coat of activator and go right into applying the gel polish.

Now that we’ve covered the basics…

Here Are Some Halloween Nails to Celebrate Spooky Season

Bat French Tip Nails

Halloween nails bat french tips

These Bat French Tips may be my favorite Halloween nails ever.

They are so chic with a touch of “spookiness” that is perfect for the Halloween season.

I’ve created a step-by-step tutorial for how to create these bat frenchies here.

To create this look, use a sheer pink dip powder. I used the “Light pink” from the Kiara Sky Mini French kit, along with their dip liquids.

Then use gel liners to create the french tips and bats. I used this Beetles gel liner kit as well as a black silver-y sparkle gel polish. However, you can definitely create your own using just that gel liner kit by mixing black gel with the silver and gold glitter gels.

Ghost Nails

ghost nails halloween

Another simple, yet super cute Halloween nail design is the little ghost nail accent.

You can absolutely use any color to compliment the ghost nail. However, I love how clean the white dip powder looks.

I used Porcelain, a white dip powder by West Coast Dips. However, you could use any white dip powder to recreate this look, such as Veronica by Revel Nail.

For the base color on the ghost accent nail, I used Erica by Revel Nail. Then I used gel liners in white and black to create the ghost.

Haunted Tree Nails

halloween nail art

For a spookier spin on your Halloween nails, try this haunted tree nail art.

I’ve created a step-by-step tutorial for how to recreate this haunted tree nail art here.

For the main manicure color, I used Dreamwork by Revel Nail. An all-black dip powder with flecks of rose gold shimmer throughout.

To create the haunted tree nail art, I used Beetles gel liners and this gold gel liner from Modelones.

Pumpkin Nails

pumpkin halloween nails

If you want a Halloween nail design that leans into being more cute and less scary, these plaid pumpkin nails are an adorable spin on Halloween nails.

For this look, I use the dark brown dip powder “Dark Roasted” from the Makartt Dippies kit.

For the base of the nail art, I used Calaca by Revel Nail. The pumpkin and plaid nail art was created using Beetles gel liners.

This nail design is also perfect for wearing as your Thanksgiving manicure too!

Black Nails with Orange Foils

black halloween nails

So if you want Halloween nails that are super duper easy to do without any intricate nail art, these black nails with orange foils are perfect.

To learn how to apply the nail foils, you can watch the step-by-step tutorial here.

I used a black dip powder across all of my nails. Then I used the orange foils from this kit to add a Halloween flair.

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