How to Apply a Nail Sticker to Dip Powder Nails

How to Apply a Nail Sticker to Dip Powder for Beginner-Friendly Nail Art

If you want the easiest and most beginner-friendly nail art, then you need to learn how to apply nail stickers to dip powder! This technique is so easy. Plus, you can find so many options to create seasonal and trendy nail designs.

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Here’s how to apply nail stickers and decals to dip powder nails at home.

Nail stickers (also called nail decals) are the easiest way to do nail art at home.

Since they come in so many different varieties, you can use them for just about any season, holiday or nail trend.

dip powder nails with nail sticker design

Products Needed to Apply Nail Stickers

Here’s What You’ll Need

How to Apply a Nail Sticker (or Nail Decal) to Dip Nails

Before you get started, you need to apply your dip powder. Once completed, apply activator and buff your nails smooth.

To avoid a poor nail sticker application, you should always apply them to a smooth surface!

When you’re done buffing, cleanse the nail with water and a nail brush to remove any dust and debris. Once dry, your nails are ready for a nail decal!

Step 1) Apply Base Liquid

Grab your base liquid and apply a thin layer where you’d like to place the nail sticker.

apply base liquid before applying nail sticker

This step is optional. However, it makes it much easier to get your nail sticker to lay flat on the nail.

Step 2) Apply Your Nail Sticker

Next, grab your nail sticker. I find it easier to use tweezers when removing the stickers from the sheet.

choose nail sticker to apply to your nails at home

Then place your sticker directly on the nail. You’ll need to work quickly so your base liquid doesn’t dry before applying the decal.

this is how to apply a nail sticker to dip powder nails at home

If you work quickly, you can make slight adjustments to the placement before your base liquid dries. This is why I recommend using a slow-drying formula.

Be sure to pat down the edges of your nail sticker to ensure it’s lying flat.

Step 3) Protect the Nail Sticker by Encapsulating

To protect your nail sticker, it’s important to encapsulate it using a clear dip powder.

Grab your base liquid and apply to the entire nail.

apply base liquid over nail decal to encapsulate with clear dip powder

Then dip your nail into clear dip powder.

encapsulate nail sticker during application using clear dip powder

Once the nail is dry, brush away any excess powder.

Then apply your activator and very lightly buff the surface of the nail. Since we did the majority of the buffing before application, you shouldn’t need to do much at this step.

Step 4) Finish with Top Coat

Now that you’ve encapsulated the nail sticker, you can finish off with your usual dip powder top coat application.

apply top coat once you're done applying nail sticker to dip powder nails

When that top coat is dry, you are all done!


Nail stickers (also called nail decals) are a super simple way to spice up your manicures at home. This beginner-friendly nail art is also perfect for all experience levels!

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