Kiara Sky Dip Review: Best Premium Dip Nail Kit

Kiara Sky Dip Review: Is This Dip Nail Kit Worth it for DIY Nails at Home?

If you’ve landed on this Kiara Sky dip review because you want to know if this dip nail kit is worth it, keep on reading. Together, we’re about to dive in and find out how easy this dip liquid set is for doing your nails at home.

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Watch the Kiara Sky dip liquid review to find out how easy these are for doing your nails at home.

After hearing so much amazing feedback about Kiara Sky dip powder from nail enthusiasts and professionals, I had to give it a try.

The only problem? This dip nail kit is a tad pricier than the alternatives. But, in the name of finding the best dip nail kit for doing your nails at home, I bit the bullet. Putting this dip liquid set to the test to do this Kiara Sky dip review.

Let’s find out if these premium dip liquids are worth it.

5 Things You Need to Know About Kiara Sky Dip Nail Kit

1) The Base Liquid is Amazing, But Dip Nail Beginners Should Beware

Almost immediately I was in love with the Kiara Sky dip base liquid. It glides on beautifully! Making it so easy to achieve thin even layers.

Plus, the brush on these bottles makes application a breeze. Especially if you use the ‘push back’ technique to properly distribute the liquid for an even application.

Since the dip powder applies so well, you don’t have to worry about a thick application that can lead to lumps and bumps. Not to mention, it reduces the amount of buffing too! So you can achieve a smooth finish quickly.

So Why Should Dip Nail Beginners Beware?

Well, it depends on which way you look at it. The thin consistency makes the Kiara Sky a dream to apply. This can reduce the likelihood that you apply a thick layer of base to the nail – a common issue amongst beginners.

The problem is that thinner liquids dry faster. For beginners who need more time to accurately paint the nail, this could cause problems. The base liquid may dry too quickly before you have a chance to dip in the powder.

So I wouldn’t call the Kiara Sky dip nail kit a completely beginner-friendly option as it may be challenging for those still learning the technique for painting their nails with base liquid.

2) The Activator Can Take Longer to Dry

Another thing to note is the activator takes a bit longer to dry and cure than other brands. This isn’t necessarily a problem. But just take note because if you buff before your dip cures, you’ll flake away your base layer.

3) Dip Liquids Don’t Have a Strong Odor

For anyone sensitive to the odor of dip liquids, you’ll be happy to hear that these don’t have a significant odor.

This is especially nice to find considering the strong and unpleasant odors I ran into when doing the Nailboo review and Modelones dip powder review. These were overpowering and irritating! But Kiara Sky didn’t have any strong odors to report – thank goodness!

4) Top Coat Has Gorgeous Shine

The shine on the top coat is beautiful!

dip manicure with kiara sky dip kit

The Kiara Sky dip liquids offer a top-notch top coat!

5) Manicure Lasts for Weeks

As far as the wear and finish of this dip nail kit, it did not disappoint. The top coat shine did not dull. When applied in combination with a good nail prep routine, it lasts for at least 2 weeks as well.

Where to Get the Kiara Sky Dip Nail Kit

You can grab Kiara Sky dip nail products on Amazon. They have several kits available.

  • Kiara Sky Mini Dip Nail Kit (Color Dip Included) – This kit is a great value considering it includes the Kiara Sky dip liquid bundle, plus four dip powder colors.
  • Kiara Sky Mini French Nail Dip Kit (French Nail Dip Included) – For those who love a classic French manicure, this kit includes the dip liquid bundle plus dip powder colors specifically for a French nail tip. It also includes a dip tray to create the French nail look.
  • Kiara Sky Color Dip Kit – This is a larger kit that includes the dip liquid bundle as well as a larger variety of dip powder colors to kickstart your collection.
  • Kiara Sky Dip Liquid bundle – This kit includes only the Kiara Sky dip liquid bundle.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to application, the Kiara Sky dip nail kit is near perfect. I loved using this kit – and it has quickly joined my regular rotation of favorite dip powder liquids. It’s no surprise that it’s on my list of best dip nail kit options.

The downside?

Well, this kit is a bit pricier than others. So if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, you’ll want to consider the Makartt dip review.

Given that the Kiara Sky dip liquid has some obstacles for new dippers, a beginner-friendly option to consider is the Sparkle and Co review.

However, if you decide to splurge a bit on the Kiara Sky dip nail kit, you will not be disappointed!

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