Makartt Dip Review: 5 Reasons It’s the Best Dip Nail Kit on Amazon

Makartt Dip Review: Is this Affordable Dip Nail Kit Too Good to Be True?

This Makartt Dip review is about to blow your mind. Not many people have even heard of Makartt’s dip powder. If you have seen this dip nail kit and you’ve seen the price, then you understandably wouldn’t think it’d be very high quality. But you’re about to be pleasantly surprised.

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Here’s the Scoop on this Super Affordable Dip Nail Kit

I stumbled upon this dip powder nail kit by accident. I had started a dip liquid review series to see which kits were the best, especially for beginners. I was surfing YouTube and saw another creator mention that this was a great kit. I’d never heard of it before but my interest was peaked. So I went on Amazon to check out this Makartt Dippies nail kit.

It was easy to see why I’d missed this dip nail kit entirely. It’s buried beneath all of the larger dip powder brands in this more affordable price range.

Now, I had been disappointed about the overpowering odors of these comparable dip powder kits – as you can see during the Nailboo review , Modelones dip powder review, and Azure Beauty review. So I was skeptical that the Makartt Dippes nail kit would be any different. Nonetheless, I added it to my cart and waited for its arrival.

Full disclosure: This Makartt dip review was not sponsored or requested by the brand. I got this kit on my own to test it out and see for myself how well these dip liquids worked.

I would’ve never guessed that the Makartt Dippies kit would be one of my favorite dip liquids to use!

5 Things You Should Know About This Dip Nail Kit

Let’s dive into this Makartt review and share everything you need to know before deciding if this is the dip nail kit for you.

Base Liquid Offers Beginner-Friendly Dip Powder Application

The base liquid was easy to apply to the nail. The consistency is on the slightly thicker side. As long as you wipe the brush to remove excess liquid though, you’ll have no problem achieving a thin even layer of base on the nai.

One of the main reasons I rate these dip liquids as beginner-friendly is because of the dry time. The base liquid dries more slowly. This gives you more time to carefully paint the nail and get a clean application. By not having to rush through the base liquid to apply dip powder before it dries, beginners will have a much easier time with application. It also leaves time for the toothpick trick to clean out the cuticle line.

I did notice a few times where the dip powder would appear wet after dipping into the powder.

If this happens, simply dip your nail back into the dip powder. This will soak into the wet liquid so you can continue with a clean dip powder application.

Dip Liquids Don’t Have a Strong Odor

The Makartt base liquid didn’t have a strong odor to it.

However, given how many times I had experienced an overpowering and irritating odor from activator liquids in comparable dip nail kits, I was bracing myself as I opened up the Makartt activator liquid.

After opening the Makartt activator liquid, I breathed a huge sigh of relief. Partly because I could breathe – the activator didn’t choke me out with a horrible chemical odor! But also because this kit had just passed a huge part of this dip liquid review!

See, other comparable kits have had easy-to-use base liquids as well. However, because their activator has such a terrible odor, I don’t like to recommend them.

Thankfully, none of the Makartt dip liquids have any significant odor to them. This meant things were looking up. It was likely that I had finally found a super affordable dip nail kit that was worth recommending.

Top Coat Had a Shiny Finish

The Makartt top coat dip liquid was just as easy to work with as the base liquid. I followed my typical top coat application process to ensure it cured properly, and I was awarded with a beautiful shine.

I didn’t find the top coat dulled over time either. So I was quite impressed with the finish on this manicure.

The Dip Manicure Lasted 14 Days

I was also impressed with the wear of this manicure as well. I had this manicure on for two weeks and I had zero issues with lifting or chipping.

As I said, the top coat shine didn’t dull over time either. Even after two weeks, it still looked great.

IMPORTANT: The quality of these Makartt dip liquids is good enough to get a lasting manicure. However, if you don’t prep your nails properly or follow a good dip powder application process then it doesn’t matter what dip liquids you use. You will likely run into problems with lifting, chipping, or dip that pops off completely.

Kit Includes Great Dip Powder Colors

In addition to the beginner-friendly quality of the dip liquids, the Makartt dip nail kit also includes some gorgeous dip nail colors. Though I used Proud (retired) and Amethyst (retired) by Revel Nail for the manicure in this Makartt review, I’ve since used the dip powder in this kit to create some beautiful manicures.

The dip powder from the Makartt dip nail kit went on nicely. Plus, you get 6 shades to kick off your dip powder collection.

Where to Get Makartt Dippies Nail Kit

You can get the Makartt Dip Powder on Amazon. They have a few different options available.

More Dip Nail Kit Recommendations

The Makartt Dippies nail kit isn’t the only one on my favorite dip liquids list.

You can see all of the best dip nail kit options on my list here.

You won’t find another dip nail kit on that list that can beat out the Makartt Dippies from a cost perspective. This one is the most affordable dip nail kit that still offers quality. However, if you want to slightly upgrade your dip liquids, there are a few more to consider depending on your needs.

If you’re still learning and want a dip liquid set that’s beginner-friendly…

The Sparkle and Co dip liquids are the way to go. You can view my Sparkle and Co review here. These offer a slower dry time so beginners can take their time during application. The Sparkle & Co dip liquids are available here.

If you’re ready to move onto intermediate dip liquids that don’t require as much buffing…

Then I highly recommend checking out my Virgo & Gem review and Kiara Sky dip review. Both of these have base dip liquids that are on the thinner side. This means it’s a lot easier to get thin dip layers that require minimal buffing.

However, the trade-off is that these dip liquids dry quicker which gives you less time. For that reason, these are ideal for people who have slightly more experience with dip powder. However, I switched to Virgo & Gem after only a few months of dipping my nails at home so they’re not too difficult to use.

You can get the Virgo & Gem dip liquids here and the Kiara Sky dip liquids are available here.

Final Thoughts

The Makartt Dippies dip nail kit is by far the best dip nail kit on Amazon as far as affordability and quality are concerned.

The ease of application makes this dip nail kit a great option for beginners. The quality and lasting wear of these dip liquids are also impressive – especially for the price!

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