Nail Art Ideas You Can Do with Dip Nails

Try These Nail Art Ideas with Your Dip Nails at Home

Ready to jazz your dip powder manicures up with some gorgeous nail art ideas? Below you’ll find tutorials for nail art that you can create at home. Each of these nail designs can be done over dip powder.

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Before you start, please note that I apply this nail art over a dip powder base. I prefer dip powder as it adds strength to my nails and helps my manicures last.

Nail Stickers

Nail stickers are the easiest nail art you can do at home. Simply stick them where your heart desires and voila!

The best part is that nail stickers come in so many varieties. You can find them for any season, holiday, color, favorite animal… you name it.

Products Needed for Nail Stickers

Nail Foils

They are applied just like nail stickers. Using your base liquid, apply to the nail where you want the foil. Be sure to encapsulate these in clear dip powder to avoid ruining your foils.

Products Needed for Nail Foils

Chrome Dip Nails

Chrome dip powder nails (also known as “glazed donut nails”) are incredibly popular – and for good reason. They’re gorgeous!

Products Needed for Chrome Nails

Multi-Color Ombre Dip Nails

Ombre nails with dip powder are gorgeous – and a great way to use up more of your growing dip powder collection!

While an ombre with dip powder can be tricky, you can use the “scrub” technique, a beginner-friendly trick to ombre dip powder.

Products Needed for Ombre Nails

  • Fluffy brush to scrub dip powder
  • Your favorite dip powder colors

Glitter Ombre Nails

Easily one of my favorite nail art to do with dip powder – I love a glitter ombre moment!

Just like a regular ombre, a glitter ombre can cause you some grief to get it right. However, I was determined to make it easier. So I highly recommend that you watch the tutorial for a beginner-friendly approach to glitter ombre nails.

Products Needed for Glitter Ombre Nails

  • Fluffy brush to apply glitter dip powder
  • Your favorite glitter dip powder colors

Ombre Glitter Tip Nails

do ombre glitter tip nails at home with dip powder

In the tutorial above, you can create glitter ombre nails that cascade down. But what about glitter tips?

This tutorial has you covered.

Products Needed for Ombre Glitter Tip Nails

  • Fluffy brush to scrub dip powder
  • Your favorite dip powder colors

French Ombre Dip Nails

French ombre dip nails are perfect for special occasions, including wedding nails. Or for the times you feel like rocking this classic manicure.

To spice up this look, I highly recommend applying a sheer glitter dip powder overlay.

Products Needed for French Ombre Nails

Gel Nail Art Design Ideas

If you’re ready to fully unleash your creative side with handpainted gel nail art, you can find tutorials below. Many of these are much easier than you’d think too! With the right tools, you can follow the step-by-step tutorials to recreate these looks at home.

TIP: If you are doing gel nail art over dip powder, do not apply your second coat of activator! Once you’re done buffing your nails, clean any dust or debris. Then go right in with the gel liners.

Daisy Nail Art

Snowflake Nail Art

snowflake nail art over dip powder for winter nails

Chrome Hearts Nail Art

valentine's day nail art with chrome hearts

With So Many Nail Art Ideas to Try, It’s Time to Get Started!

Adding nail art to your dip powder manicure is a great way to create unique looks and embrace your creativity.

Don’t forget that it can take some time to get the hang of it. So give yourself some grace and patience as you learn nail art like this and have fun with it!

If you want more nail art ideas you can do with dip powder nails, I’ve shared lots of inspiration here.

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