Nailboo Review: Is This Dip Nail Kit Any Good?

There Was One Major Thing I Didn’t Love During this Nailboo Review

After seeing mixed emotions amongst any Nailboo review, I decided to try it out myself. Trying to see how good this dip nail kit is for doing your nails at home. While this dip nail kit does have some good qualities, there was one major thing that I couldn’t overlook.

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There are so many mixed emotions when it comes to a Nailboo review.

Some people rave about it. Especially those who first started with Nailboo and it’s near and dear to their “dip powder nail lovin'” heart. But when you talk to others about their Nailboo review, it’s not uncommon to hear them air grievances about issues with this dip powder kit.

To find out how good this dip nail kit really is, I decided to give it a try and see for myself.

I’ll admit that I was skeptical going into this Nailboo review. I didn’t have high expectations given the negative feedback that I’d heard about this Nailboo dip nail kit.

However, it wasn’t all bad. There was only one main concern that I had, but more on that in a minute.

Thoughts on the Nailboo Dip Nail Kit

How Well Did the Base Apply Dip Powder?

Surprisingly enough, I was impressed with the base liquid application.

The base liquid leaned on the slightly thicker side. You’ll want to be careful to wipe excess liquid from the brush. However, the base does apply quite nicely.

One big plus to this slightly thicker liquid is the dry time. Base liquids like this tend to dry more slowly. Making them an ideal option for beginners who need a little extra time to paint on the liquid.

Plus, it gives you plenty of time to use the toothpick trick to get clean cuticle lines.

Watch Out for This When Using the Nailboo Dip Nail Kit

Despite having a decent dip powder application, this Nailboo review went downhill as soon as I opened the activator. Ugh, the smell was awful!

The activator had a strong, unpleasant odor that is common in some of these dip powder liquid kits.

This can be especially troubling for people who are sensitive to strong odors. You may find the Nailboo dip powder kit difficult to use as the odor may be aggravating. Even worse is that this smell is so strong, it will begin to reek again when you file off during removal.

I also ran into the same concern when doing the Modelones dip powder review and Saviland dip powder review of their dip liquid sets.

How Well Did The Nailboo Manicure Last?

Despite the issues with the activator scent, everything went smoothly when applying the top coat.

Though in hindsight, I can’t say I love the nail design that I did during this review. This was one of those situations where the manicure vision looked much better in my head than how it actually turned out.

But anywho…

The wear on this Nailboo dip powder set was pretty good. I followed my usual nail prep routine and everything still looked good after a week.

Final Thoughts: Is the Nailboo Dip Nail Kit Worth Getting?

Despite being impressed with the base liquid and dip powder application, I can’t bring myself to give the Nailboo dip nail kit a glowing review.

The strong odor of the activator was a real downer. While I’m not particularly sensitive to odors myself, I found the strong chemical scent of the activator to be too unpleasant to ignore. For those who are sensitive to odors, this will be an even bigger concern.

Where to Get Nailboo

Of course, if you still want to dive in and give it a try, you can get the Nailboo dip nail kit here – but don’t say I didn’t warn you about that odor! It’s a doozy.

That said, luckily you can mix dip powders with a different brand’s dip liquid set. This means you don’t need to let this Nailboo review on their liquids keep you away from their amazing collection of dip powder colors.

Best Dip Nail Kit Recommendations

If you’re looking for a dip nail kit that’s easy to use but a lot less… well… smelly, I’ve got you.

I’ve shared all of my favorites that top the best dip nail kit list here.

One thing people love and often mention when doing a Nailboo review is how affordable it is. For that reason, I highly recommend checking out the Makartt Dippies dip nail hit – you can watch my Makartt dip review here.

Not only is the Makartt kit even more affordable, but the dip liquids are just as easy to work with. Plus, you won’t have to worry about any overpowering odors.

In a nutshell, you’re still getting amazing value by getting the Makartt Dippies dip nail kit here – but without the unpleasant smelly quirks.

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