Revel Nail Dip Colors You Need to Try

Gorgeous Revel Nail Dip Colors & Combinations You Need to Try at Home

With so many Revel Nail dip colors, you can make gorgeous combinations for your DIY nails. Below you’ll find nail inspiration from some of my all-time favorite dip powder combinations.

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Before we get into all of the amazing nail inspo offered by Revel Nail dip colors, let’s get one thing out of the way.

I’m often asked about my favorite dip powder brands and what is the best dip nail kit – I recommend my favorites here.

Even though I absolutely love Revel Nail dip powder, their dip liquid set isn’t my favorite. You can see my full Revel Nail review on their dip liquids here.

Watch Video: Revel Nail Dip Liquid Review

Let’s share some of my absolute favorite Revel Nail dip colors from my manicure memories! Please keep in mind, some of these “nailfies” were taken earlier on. I hadn’t sorted it out yet and I was early in my dip powder nail journey.

Despite going through the learning process of doing my nails at home, the beauty of these Revel Nail dip colors still shines through.

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Favorite Revel Nail Dip Colors

Runway & Bryn

dip manicure with runway and bryn by revel nail

Whether you’re looking for a neutral palette cleanser or a simple manicure with a touch of sparkle, this combination couldn’t be more beautiful. I wore these nails as a bridesmaid at my best friend’s wedding!

  • Runway – a subtle pale pink that makes the perfect nude shade.
  • Bryn – if I were to name my favorite shimmer dip powder of all time… well, I probably couldn’t name one because I love too many, BUT… Bryn with its beautiful champagne sparkle would be topping the list.


Technically not a dip powder combination but when you see how beautiful Flamingo is in person, you’ll know why this color deserves a manicure all its own. I can never let summer pass by without rocking my favorite coral dip powder!

  • Flamingo – a neon coral with gorgeous pastel flakes

Babe & Crush

Another summer nail must-have – Babe and Crush! These colors are perfect for a bright summer manicure.

  • Babe – for those who know that not all reds are the same, Babe will be your go-to summer red dip powder. It offers a bright coral undertones.
  • Crush – a summer glitter dip powder with peachy tones.

Spiced, Cider & Calaca

If a perfect fall nail combo exists, it’s this one! The burnt orange with glitter really ties this look together for your autumn manicure.

  • Calaca – a pale beige nude that lends well as a neutral paired with warm-toned manicures.
  • Spiced – a gorgeous deep burnt orange dip powder.
    • Please note that Spiced is a Revel Nail Fall drop-in color. This means it may only be available seasonally.
  • Cidera deep orange glitter that pairs perfectly with autumn-themed manicures.
    • Please note that Cider is a Revel Nail Fall drop-in color. This means it may only be available seasonally.

Coco & Mae

The hints of purple in both Coco and Mae make these two dip powders the perfect pair.

  • Coco – although it’s considered a muted brown, there are purple undertones to this color. It is nearly identical to Revel Nail’s Defy dip powder.
  • Mae – a deep gray base with stunning silver glitter that has hints of purple.

Namaste & Chic

Bright colors are everything in those hot and sunny summer months! Namaste is the perfect bright turquoise to capture the joy of those days on the beach. I love pairing it with Chic.

  • Namaste – a bright turquoise that will have you dreaming of the beach.
  • Chic – a nude glitter that shimmers gold and blue/green colors thanks to its holographic flakes.

Pine, Prosecco & Emily

If Pine isn’t already on your holiday manicure ‘go-to’ list, it should be! This dark green dip powder is a staple for Christmas nails. Plus, prosecco is the perfect gold glitter to have as a staple in your collection.

  • Pine – a deep green dip powder that’s gorgeous for the holiday season.
  • Prosecco – if you only want one gold glitter dip powder in your collection, this one is a staple.
  • Emily – a pearly white dip powder that is slightly sheer. It makes a great base for all kinds of different manicure combos.


Like Flamingo, Flirty is a color that can stand all on her own. The shimmer makes this color absolutely stunning. I love to use it as a transition into spring nails.

  • Flirty – a spring-like periwinkle blue with shimmer.

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Best Dip Liquids for Dip Powder Application

These dip colors are stunning. There’s no doubt about it.

But if you want to recreate these manicures at home, using a good quality set of dip liquids will make your life a lot easier. Since Revel Nail liquids aren’t my favorite, I have a few recommendations that you may like as well.

The dip kit I recommend is based on your preference. For those looking for a budget-friendly dip nail liquid set, the Makartt Dippies are the most affordable without sacrificing quality. You can watch the Makartt dip review here.

For beginners who want to take their time during application, the Sparkle & Co dip liquids are one of the most beginner-friendly. The base liquid dries more slowly. Giving you ample time to apply. Watch the Sparkle and Co review here.

My favorite all-around dip liquid sets are the Virgo & Gem dip liquids (watch Virgo & Gem review here) as well as the Kiara Sky dip liquids (watch Kiara Sky dip review here) Both of these sets apply nicely in thin layers. However, they tend to dry more quickly so they’re better options for more intermediate dip nail DIYers.

Ready for More DIY Dip Nail Recommendations?

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