Revel Nail Review: Here’s What Really Happened When I Used Their Dip Nail Kit

A Real Life Revel Nail Review About a Beginner Doing Dip Nails at Home

If you’re looking for a real-life Revel Nail review because you want to start doing your nails at home, look no further. I’ll tell you exactly what happened when I started using Revel Nail and share details you need to know before you buy, including how easy this dip nail kit is for beginners.

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Here’s What Happened When I Started Using the Revel Nail Dip Nail Kit

I started dipping my nails at home with Revel Nail – and I fell in love with the process! Seriously, I was obsessed.

Before I knew it, I had Revel Nail packages being delivered weekly. I was trolling their Facebook group every day. So inspired by the amazing manicure designs from their dip nail community. I couldn’t get enough!

Even though I was so in love with all of their amazing dip powders, I was struggling to perfect my application.

Watch Video: Revel Nail Review

Watch the Revel Nail review to see how good this dip nail kit is.

Before we get into the nitty gritty of this Revel Nail review, everyone needs to know…

It does not matter which dip nail kit you choose. There will always be a learning curve when trying something new. Doing dip nails at home is no exception.

But practice makes perfect. So your first dip powder manicure will likely be rough around the edges. Just like mine. Seriously – check out these “bubbly fingers” I created with my first-ever dip manicure:

But even though there’s a reasonable learning curve with all dip powder kits, some brands will be harder to work with than others.

I had NO IDEA that the dip liquids I was using were making the application more difficult until I saw this…

I saw people raving about another dip powder company’s liquid set. At this point, I was willing to try anything to improve. So I ordered them and I was blown away!

It didn’t magically make my dip nails instantly perfect, but my manicures were noticeably much better!

It was a lot easier to achieve a thin even layer of base liquid. So my dip powder wasn’t lumpy or too bulky. Better yet, I didn’t have to aggressively buff to smooth out the dip in a mad attempt to make my nails look more natural.

That’s when I realized that not all dip liquids are the same. Better quality dip powder sets can make application a breeze. Others can be a real challenge no matter how much you practice. Unfortunately, that’s what I found with the Revel Nail dip liquids.

Spoiler Alert: Revel Nail is still one of my favorite dip powder brands and I’ll tell you why in a minute.

This mistake happens all too often…

Well-intentioned nail DIYers will mistakenly choose a kit that isn’t very easy to apply. Understandably, they become frustrated. Thinking that they’re the problem and that they won’t be able to do their nails at home. When in reality, the product they’ve chosen is a huge contributing factor to their difficulty.

That’s exactly what happened to me.

So let’s discuss the details of this Revel Nail review and why you should be careful of the dip liquids.

Here’s the Scoop on Revel Nail

Con #1: Thick Base Liquid

The Revel Nail base liquid has a thicker consistency. When the ideal dip application involves applying thin even layers, this consistency makes that difficult to do!

Despite my best efforts, I found myself needing to buff like crazy to get a finish that didn’t look bulky, lumpy, and unnatural.

The thicker liquid paves the way for other common issues as well.

You’ll be more prone to getting too much liquid around the cuticle area and having product leak onto the skin.

Con #2: Bottles Glue Shut

In case my muscles weren’t worn out from buffing, those bottles would give me a workout. Despite trying to maintain the bottles properly, they would often glue shut.

Sometimes if I put all of my strength into it, I could crack them open. Other times, I found myself having to say goodbye to nearly full bottles that wouldn’t open. This wasn’t just a “me” problem either. I saw a lot of Revel Nail review feedback stating similar concerns with their bottles.

The awesome Revel Nail customer care team deserves a shout-out here though.

The first time my bottles glued shut, I reached out to the Revel Nail customer care team. They were kind enough to send me a replacement set after this happened.

However, after multiple instances and a lot of frustration, I had enough.

You can take extra precautions to avoid this. But let’s be honest – I’m lazy. I don’t want to take any more steps than necessary.

Since using other brands’ dip liquids, I haven’t run into bottles that insist on gluing shut like Revel Nail’s do – I don’t even do any special maintenance either! Something with the Revel Nail bottles makes them prone to this issue.

Despite the challenging liquids, Revel Nail dip powder should not be skipped over…

Why Revel Nail is Still One of My Favorite Dip Nail Brands

It’d be unfair to give a Revel Nail review that doesn’t mention their amazing dip powder colors.

In fact, Revel Nail makes up a significant portion of my dip powder collection – I can’t get enough of their gorgeous colors!

You can click here to see all of my favorite Revel Nail dip colors and combinations. Like I said, when I fell in love with Revel Nail’s dip powder collection, I fell hard. It’s easy to see why with how stunning these are.

They have so many beautiful colors that are a staple in my manicures. So while I don’t recommend their liquids, their dip powder is fantastic.

So if you want to enjoy their gorgeous dip powder colors and get 20% off at Revel Nail, click here or use code RNKAYLA20 at checkout.

So if after reading this Revel Nail review, you aren’t keen on trying the Revel Nail dip powder kit with the liquids, I highly recommend you check out their gorgeous dip powder.

Dip Powder Combos from Revel Nail

More Dip Powder Collections from Revel Nail Available on Amazon

Revel Nail lists some of their collections on Amazon and you can get incredible deals on it. These sets sometimes carry some of their older releases. Allowing you to get your hands on some classic Revel Nail dip colors.

Dip Liquid Recommendations

The best news in this Revel Nail review?

You can use Revel Nail’s gorgeous collection of dip powders with another brand’s dip liquids. So you can use a high-quality dip liquid set from another brand, while still enjoying all that manicure goodness offered by Revel Nail’s unbeatable dip powder collection.

I’ve shared my list of the best dip nail kit options for easy application here.

Here are my most recommended dip nail kits:

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