Sparkle & Co Low Odor Review

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If you’ve tried dipping your own nails at home but you’ve experienced “dip flu” or a sensitivity to the odor of traditional dip liquids, there are some low odor liquid options on the market.

But are the low odor dip liquids as good as traditional liquids?

Let’s find out while I try the Sparkle & Co low scent dip liquid bundle:

Final Thoughts: Overall, I was pleased with the ease of application of these liquids. The base and top liquid have an interesting consistency, however, it didn’t seem to affect working with them. The biggest difference with these liquids is the wait time. You will have to exercise a bit more patience with these as they do take a bit longer to dry.

Although I wouldn’t choose to use these over traditional liquids, I do think they’re an excellent option for anyone who’s experienced sensitivities to the odor of other dip powder liquids.

It is important to note how thin these liquids are. You may want to add an additional layer to add some extra strength – especially if your nails are naturally thin. Also, ensure that you’re not over buffing and thinning your application. You can purchase these liquids here:

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