Sparkle and Co Review: How Beginner-Friendly is this Dip Nail Kit?

Sparkle and Co Review: Is it a Beginner-Friendly Dip Nail Kit?

To find the best beginner-friendly dip nail kit, I did a Sparkle and Co review – I was surprised to find this out when doing dip powder nails at homeā€¦

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Watch the Sparkle & Co dip liquid review to find out how easy these are to use for doing your nails at home.

Here’s What I Loved About Sparkle & Co Dip Liquids

After trying out so many different products, Sparkle & Co is one of the most beginner-friendly dip nail kits.

trying out dip liquids for Sparkle and Co review

1) Base Liquid is Easy to Apply

Although the base liquid leans on the thicker side, it doesn’t create bulky application issues like other brands, such as what I experienced during the Revel Nail review. The liquid glides on easily for an even application.

The benefit of the thicker base liquid is that it dries more slowly – which is why this dip nail kit is so beginner-friendly!

You can take your time painting the nails without worrying that the base will dry before you dip. It also allows enough time to do the toothpick trick so you can get clean cuticle lines. This is especially helpful for beginners who are still learning how to apply the liquid properly.

The Sparkle & Co Liquids also make it easier to do nail art, such as glitter ombre dip nails.

Since the liquids take a bit longer to dry, you will have a much easier time doing a glitter ombre with dip powder. Liquids that dry too fast can make this kind of nail art more difficult since it requires you to work so much faster.

dip manicure with sparkle & co dip nail kit

The ease of application isn’t the only reason you’ll love these liquids.

2) Longer Lasting Manicure

I was so impressed by the lasting wear of my Sparkle & Co dip manicure!

I followed my usual nail prep routine to ensure proper adhesion during application. Between nail prep and the quality of these dip liquids, my manicure held up so well! I had no lifting, even though I tend to be quite rough on my nails.

3) No Strong Odors

Unlike the experience I had when I did the Nailboo review and Modelones dip powder review, the Sparkle & Co dip liquid set didn’t have any strong odors. Making this dip nail kit much less irritating, especially for those who are sensitive to odors.

Watch Out for This Using Sparkle & Co…

Truthfully, the Sparkle & Co dip liquids were nearly perfect. However, there are a few things you should be aware of before using these.

Make Sure You Wipe the Brush Well Before Application to Avoid Issues

The brush on this bottle really wanted to bring along too much liquid with it. That can quickly cause disaster and a lumpy, bumpy, bulky dip powder application.

To avoid issues, make sure you brush off the excess base liquid well before applying it to the nail. It’s also important that you follow the ‘push back’ technique when applying base liquid so you don’t get product on your skin.

Where to Buy Sparkle & Co Dip Nail Kit

Sparkle & Co offers a few different starter kit options on Amazon.

  • Sparkle & Co Basic Starter Kit – This basic starter kit includes your dip liquid bundle as well as a dip powder color of your choice.
  • Ultimate Sparkle & Co Starter Kit – This kit includes just about everything you need! Not only will you receive the dip liquid bundle and a dip powder, you’ll also get files, a nail soaking bowl, a brush, and other manicure supplies.
  • Sparkle & Co Dip Liquid Bundle – If you’re all set and just need the dip liquid bundle (or a refill), you can get them without any extras.

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