Halloween Nail Designs Tutorial: Haunted Tree Nail Art

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Halloween nails are some of my favorite designs to have a little fun with.

halloween tree nail art design

This Haunted Tree Halloween nail art was no exception. This nail art design was so fun to do.

Best of all, it’s fairly easy as well. That’s because you don’t need to worry about having perfectly straight lines. Your Haunted Tree becomes even more spooky if your lines are a little wiggly – so don’t stress about working with your non-dominant hand!

For the rest of my manicure, I used Dreamwork by Revel Nail. An all-black dip powder with flecks of rose gold shimmer throughout.

You can absolutely use any complimentary color you want with this design. I just love how the shimmer makes it pop!

Now before you get into the nail art, you may want to create your dip powder base. To see how to apply your dip powder, you can watch this step-by-step tutorial.

Keep in mind that after you have activated and buffed your nails, lightly rough the surface to help your gel adhere. You should also skip the second coat of activator and go right in with the gel polish.

Here’s How to Create this Halloween Haunted Tree Nail Art

To Create This Halloween Nail Art, Here’s What You’ll Need:

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