Tundra Dip Review: How Easy to Use is this DIY Nail Kit?

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This is easily one of my most requested Dip Liquid reviews and likely because of Tundra Dip’s popularity on Tiktok. After trying these dip powder liquids, I can see what all the hype is about. I found the application to be easy and the dry time was excellent. Perfect amount of time to work slower if needed and get those cuticle lines cleaned up. Now, my one hang-up was the base liquid brush. It would occasionally splay out on me. The consensus is this isn’t a typical issue for everyone so it’s possible this brush might’ve just had it out for me, but anyway…

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Final Thoughts: Overall, I was pleased with the ease of application and dry time. I think this is a great DIY nail option for beginners who want to start dipping their nails at home.

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