Valentines Day Nail Art Tutorial: Chrome Hearts

Try these Adorable Chrome Hearts for Your Valentines Day Nail Art

Chrome hearts are super easy Valentines Day nail art you can do at home! Plus, they are adorable! Follow the tutorial below to see how to do this on your nails.

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Here’s how to create chrome hearts for your Valentines Day nail art.

You can add a cute, romantic touch to your manicure with these simple chrome hearts. Luckily, it’s not super hard to do!

In fact, you don’t need any special drawing talents. The right tools make it easy to “cheat” your way through drawing these hearts.

valentines day nails with chrome heart nail art

Products Needed to Create Chrome Hearts

To recreate this look at home, you’ll need a few nail supplies. Now, I did this nail art over dip powder and listed the colors below. However, you can create these chrome hearts over gel polish as well.

Dip Powder colors used:

Products used for Chrome Hearts:

How to Create Chrome Heart Nail Art at Home

Step 1) Apply Your Base Color

If you’ve used dip powder, apply your layers, activate and then buff. Do not apply your second layer of activator. Make sure you rinse and dry your nails to remove any dust and debris. Then you can move on to applying the nail art.

Step 2) Draw Hearts on the Nail

To begin drawing hearts on the nail, grab a dotting tool. Dip your dotting tool into a white gel polish and place two dots on the nail. This will form the two humps at the top of the heart.

apply two dots to begin valentines day nail art with hearts

TIP: Leave some space between the dots. This will create a much cleaner heart shape when you’re done.

Then use a nail brush to create a “V” shape under the two dots. This will create the bottom point of the heart.

use nail brush to create heart nail art for valentines day

You shouldn’t have to add any additional polish to your brush to do this. Simply drag the polish from the two dots you’ve created. Using minimal gel polish will prevent messing up the heart design.

Repeat this process until you’ve added your preferred amount of hearts on the nail. Then place your hand into your UV lamp for a flash cure – about 10-30 seconds.

Step 3) Apply Pink Chrome Powder to Hearts

Using an eyeshadow brush applicator, dip into your pink chrome powder. Then gently rub the powder across the hearts.

use brush to chrome pink hearts

You’ll notice the chrome effect start to take place as you rub on the chrome powder.

Once you’ve chromed each heart, place your hand back into your UV lamp for a full cure. Once cured, brush away any excess chrome powder.

Step 4) Apply the Dot Pattern

You don’t have to do this step, but if you want to compliment your hearts with the chrome dot pattern, follow this step.

Dip your dotting tool into the gel polish and place dots wherever you’d like between the hearts. Then place your hand into the UV lamp for a flash cure – about 10-30 seconds.

Next, take your applicator and rub the mermaid white chrome powder onto the dots.

apply white chrome powder for valentines day nail art pattern

Once you’ve chromed each dot, place your hand into the UV light again for a full cure. When that’s done, you can brush off all of the excess chrome powder.

Step 5) Apply Top Coat

Now that you’ve created your chrome heart pattern, you can apply your gel top coat for a shiny finish.

apply top coat to chrome hearts for valentines day nails

When you’re done applying the top coat, fully cure your nails under the UV lamp.

Once cured, be sure to use rubbing alcohol to wipe the nails and then you’re all done!

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