Adorable Valentine’s Day Nails You Can Do at Home

You’ll Love these Adorable Valentine’s Day Nails

Whether you want traditional pinks and reds or a non-traditional take on the day of romance, here are some gorgeous ideas for your Valentine’s Day nails. See below for all of the Valentine’s Day dip powder nail ideas.

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Valentine’s Day Nail Ideas

Whether you want to dive head first into classic pink and red Valentine’s Day nail ideas or you’re looking for non-traditional Valentine’s Day nails, this list offers a variety of gorgeous ideas.

1) Valentine Heart Nails

chrome heart nails for a valentine's day nail design

Starting off with a classic Valentine’s Day nail design, this manicure is brought to life with the chrome heart nail art. You can easily do this on top of dip powder too!

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2) Gray Valentine’s Day Nails with a Subtle Heart Design

winter nails with gray, white and silver dip powder and a heart for Valentine's Day

Stepping away from the traditional pinks and red, this manicure offers a non-traditional take on Valentine’s Day nails. With gray dip powder, a sprinkle of silver glitter and an adorable heart design, this is perfect for someone who wants Valentine’s Day nails that aren’t typical pink and red.

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3) Neutral Valentines Nails with Rose Gold Chrome Heart

neutral valentines nails with rose gold heart nail art you can do with dip powder at home

For a neutral palette, try these nude Valentine’s nails. These feature a cute rose gold chrome heart design that is surprisingly simple to do yourself!

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4) Blue Valentine’s Day Nails

blue valentines day nails with heart nail art

Romance is in the air with this blue Valentine’s Day nail design! Though it’s not your typical pink and red palette, the baby blue and delicate heart nail art create an adorable manicure that’s perfect for the season.

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5) Pink Glitter Valentine Dip Nails

valentine dip nails with pink glitter ombre for valentine's day

This pink glitter dip powder is stunning for Valentine nails! With soft pinks and a touch of sparkle, this look is so cute and easy to recreate at home.

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6) Shades of Pink & Glitter Ombre Nails

pink and glitter ombre nails for Valentine's Day

Shades of pink with a rose gold glitter ombre accent come together beautifully for this Valentine’s Day nail design!

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7) Non-Traditional Subtle Valentine’s Day Nails

subtle valentine's day nails with mint green dip powder for non-traditional vday manicure

Lovely mint green and “love” nail sticker is a romantic, yet non-traditional take on Valentine’s Day nails. It’s a subtle nod to the romantic holiday when you want something different than classic red and pink V-Day nails.

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8) Pink Valentine Nails with Subtle Heart Glitter

pink valentine nails with pink heart nail art

Pale pink Valentine nails with a touch of shimmer and a little heart glitter placement are a great choice for when you want to embrace the holiday in a subtle way.

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Get More Ideas for Valentine’s Day Dip Nail Designs

If you want to find even more inspiration just like this for Valentine’s Day Dip Nails, I’ve shared nail design ideas here on Pinterest. Be sure to check them out!

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