Virgo & Gem Review: Why This Dip Nail Kit is So Well Loved

Virgo & Gem Review: Why This Dip Nail Kit is So Well Loved

This Virgo & Gem review will reveal why everyone raves about this dip nail kit and how they completely transformed my dip powder nails.

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Why I Switched to Virgo & Gem as a Beginner

I started with another brand’s dip liquids when I started doing dip powder nails at home. Admittedly, I struggled.

It’s reasonable to expect a slight learning curve with any new hobbies.

But no matter what I did, I couldn’t figure out how to achieve thin layers with my base liquid. So I was having to do a ton of buffing and it felt like so much work. Not to mention, the bottles were gluing shut constantly. It was so frustrating!

learning to do dip nails at home

After perusing through dip nail communities online, I saw a ton of people raving about the Virgo & Gem dip powder liquids.

At that point, I felt like anything would be better than what I was using so I decided to give them a try.

Long story short – I haven’t looked back!

I was following the same dip powder application routine and yet, it was so much easier to achieve a beautiful finish with my nails. That’s when I realized how much the quality of your dip liquids can impact your ease of application and final result.

Base Liquid is So Easy to Apply

One of the biggest differences was the consistency of the base liquid.

It’s thinner than the other brand I tried. Making it much easier to achieve thin even layers with every dip. It also reduced the amount of buffing needed which made it faster to do my nails.

Now, one thing to note is that these thinner liquids dry quicker than other liquids.

So if you require a bit more time to paint your nails, this faster dry time can cause the base to dry before you have a chance to dip in the powder or clean out your cuticles with the toothpick trick.

Personally, I find this much easier to navigate than a liquid that applies too thick. However, it is good to keep in mind if you like a bit more time to apply your base liquid.

Minimal Odor to Reduce Irritation

The Virgo & Gem dip liquids have a minimal odor.

Other dip liquid brands that I’ve used have a strong odor. This can be extremely irritating, especially for those who have sensitivities to odors.

However, the Virgo & Gem dip liquids are not extremely smelly. For that reason, they’re an ideal dip liquid to use.

Bottles Don’t Require Extra Maintenance

Unlike other brands with bottles that are prone to gluing shut (my Revel Nail review covers this issue), Virgo & Gem dip liquids require minimal maintenance.

In fact, I don’t do anything special with these bottles. I’ve never had to worry about the bottles gluing shut. This is a huge plus as it prevents having to toss your liquids prematurely.

Top Coat Offers a Beautiful Shine

I love the shine on the Virgo & Gem top coat.

Where to Get Virgo & Gem Dip Liquids

After so many raving reviews on these dip liquids, it’s safe to say that they are one of the best dip nail kits on the market.

You can get the Virgo & Gem dip kit here on Amazon. This bundle includes your entire dip liquid set including the base, activator, and top coat.

Virgo & Gem also has a ton of amazing dip powder colors too.

More Dip Nail Kit Recommendations

Virgo & Gem is easily the most loved dip liquid set. This is why Virgo & Gem made the list of best dip nail kit options – you can view the entire list here.

The only thing that some dip powder nail users may not like about the Virgo & Gem dip liquids is the faster dry time. This makes them slightly more challenging for those who need a bit more time to paint on the base liquid.

For a more beginner-friendly dip nail kit option, I recommend checking out my Sparkle and Co review. These are comparable in quality and price to Virgo & Gem. However, the base liquid dries more slowly. Giving you more time to apply the base liquid and dip powder. You can get the Sparke & Co dip liquid set here.

If you’re looking for something that is both beginner-friendly and super affordable, the Makartt Dippies kit is a great option. It’s easy to apply with a slow-drying formula. You can watch my Makartt dip review here.

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