Willowash Review: Can this “Magic Remover” Remove Dip Nails in Under 10 Minutes?

This Willowash Review Reveals If This “Magic Remover” Can Remove Dip Nails Fast

After seeing the claim that this “magical remover” can cut the removal time in half, I had to do a Willowash review to see for myself. So I put the Willowash to the test to see how quickly this could take off my dip nails and boy, was I surprised…

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Watch the full Willowash Review to see how well this magical remover takes off dip powder nails at home.

Since I began dipping my nails at home, I’ve used the same soak off method. This method has worked incredibly well and it’s fast.

To learn how to remove dip nails, you can watch the complete step-by-step tutorial here.

After hearing that the Willowash could cut dip nail removal in half, it was necessary to put this thing to the test and find out if the claims were true. I was skeptical, especially since they referred to it as a “magic” remover. Generally, if something sounds too good to be true, it is.

But in any case, I wanted to see for myself how well this “magical” remover worked.

Here’s What’s Included with the Willowash

The Willowash kit comes with all of the essentials – except acetone! You will need to purchase pure acetone to use this kit.

TIP: You MUST use pure acetone like this – not regular nail polish remover. These are not the same thing. Using regular nail polish remover will dramatically reduce the effectiveness of this remover.

The Willowash comes with an electric bowl warmer.

doing a willowash review to see how well it removes dip nails at home

Inside the kit, you’ll also find a scraper tool, a nail file, a cuticle pen, and willopads. The willopads are used to rub your nails against inside the warmer. Though it doesn’t come with very many, you can just use a regular paper towel when you run out.

willowash electric bowl remover comes with nail removal essentials

How to Use the Willowash to Remove Dip Powder Nails at Home

Using the Willowash is actually quite straightforward. Simply follow the steps listed below to remove your dip powder (or acrylic!) nails at home.

Step 1) Set Up the Willowash

Place a willopad (or paper towel) into the Willowash and then pour acetone over top.

Be sure to turn on the warmer. It does take several minutes to gently heat up the acetone. That’s why I recommend setting this up before soaking your nails.

Step 2) File the Shine from Your Nails

Before you begin soaking your nails, you need to file off the shine. You can do this while your Willowash is heating up.

To file the dip powder, use a low-grit file like this. For faster removal, I recommend using an e-file like this as it will remove the dip powder much faster. Especially when paired with carbide bits.

TIP: The more you file off your nails, the faster your removal will be. So if you only lightly file your dip powder, you may experience a longer soaking time.

Step 3) Apply Cuticle Oil to the Nail

To keep your skin as hydrated as possible during the soak-off process, apply cuticle oil to each finger.

apply cuticle oil when using the willowash dip nail remover

Although acetone is extremely drying, this step does help maintain some moisture without reducing the effectiveness of the acetone.

Step 4) Soak Your Nails

After you’ve applied the cuticle oil, place your hand into the bowl to begin removing the dip powder.

Be sure to rub your nails against the willopad or paper towel. This will agitate the dip and remove it effectively from the nail.

Willowash Results: How Fast Did It Remove My Dip Nails?

I was incredibly impressed with how quickly the Willowash was able to remove my dip powder nails at home.

After just 3 minutes, a lot of the dip powder had been removed:

3 minutes after using willowash to remove dip powder nails at home

At 6 minutes, the majority of the dip powder had been removed:

after 6 minutes using willowash most dip powder had been removed

It took another 3 minutes to remove the remaining dip powder:

willowash fully removed dip powder from nails

Total Dip Nail Removal Time with the Willowash: 9 Minutes!

Where to Buy Willowash Remover

The entire Willowash kit includes the ceramic electric bowl, willopads, cuticle oil, nail foil and scaper.

You can get the entire Willowash Removal kit by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions

This took me longer to remove my dip nails. Why?

Removal time can be affected by a few factors. First, the more dip powder you file off, the quicker your removal will be.

Your removal can also be affected if you don’t use pure acetone or if you are trying to soak off a product that is not acetone-soluble, such as a gel top coat or builder gel.

Finally, make sure you’re rubbing your nails on the willopad or paper towel. You need to agitate the dip powder for it to come off.

Can I use regular nail polish remover with the Willowash?

No! You need to use pure acetone. Regular nail polish remover will not be effective and it will take much longer.

Does heating the acetone present any additional health risks?

By gently heating the acetone like this, you will have no more risk than using regular acetone. Since the gently heated acetone will remove dip nails faster, it will limit your exposure time.

Final Thoughts

Admittedly, I didn’t have a whole lot of hope for the “magic” of the Willowash – but I was actually quite impressed!

I was able to remove my dip nails in 9 minutes. I also loved that the Willowash keeps the acetone contained so there’s less risk of spill, setting it up is easy and clean up is a breeze.

You can also use the Willowash to remove acrylic nails at home. Just make sure you fully file that top coat off for a successful removal.

Now, I wouldn’t consider this a necessary purchase. It works as well as the traditional baggie, bowl or rice methods to heat the acetone for quick removal. However, I would recommend it for the ease of use and hassle-free set-up and clean up.

To learn more about how to apply dip powder nails at home, check out the tips shared here on Pinterest.

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