Prevent Dip Nails Chipping By Doing 1 Simple Thing

This 1 Thing Will Prevent Dip Nails Chipping & Ruining Your Manicure

If you’ve had dip nails chipping and ruining your manicure, then there is one important thing you need to do. When you do this, it’ll prevent chips and promote a longer-lasting dip powder manicure.

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If you are tired of going through the effort of creating a gorgeous manicure, only to have it chip a few days later – I’ve got you!

I totally understand how frustrating it is to deal with dip nails chipping. Even the slightest chip can completely ruin your manicure.

Luckily, there is an easy fix that will prevent dip nails chipping. Once you start making this a habit during your dip powder application, chips will become a thing of the past.

Watch Video: Do This to Prevent Dip Nails Chipping

You can prevent your dip nails chipping by doing this one simple thing during dip powder application.

Here’s How to Prevent Your Dip Nails Chipping

You don’t need to do anything fancy or jump through hoops to avoid chips in your dip powder manicure.

The first thing you need to do is prep nails for dip powder like this. Doing this prior to application will increase the lifespan of your manicure.

You also need to make sure to do this one critical thing while applying dip powder…

You need to cap your edges to prevent dip powder from chipping. This will prevent lifting at the tip of your nail too!

So how do you cap your edges?

All you need to do is run your brush lightly along the free edge of your nail.

apply top coat to winter nails

By carefully applying this layer along the free edge of the nail, you will seal the dip powder and create a protective barrier that shields it from daily wear and tear.

When Do You Cap the Edge of Your Nail?

You should cap the edge at two different points of your dip powder application. I recommend checking out the tutorial for how to do dip nails to see this process in action.

1) Cap Your Free Edge Twice During Dip Powder Application

It’s best to cap the edge at least two times when applying your dip powder.

To do this, apply your base liquid to the nail and then run the brush lightly along the free edge before dipping into the powder.

IMPORTANT: You need to do the brunt of your nail shaping while prepping the nail and before you apply dip powder. If you do the majority of your nail shaping after curing the dip powder, you will likely file off any dip powder along the edge.

You can check out my nail shaping tutorials here:

  • Square Shape Short Nails – this is the most basic and easy nail shape to do. It looks great on short nails with dip powder.
  • Almond Shape Short Nails – though this tutorial shows how to shape shorter almond nails, you can use these same 3 tricks to shape longer almond nails too.

By shaping your nails before applying dip powder, you will only need to do a light file after application to sharpen the edges. This will prevent comprising the capped edges.

2) Cap Your Free Edge With Top Coat

The third and final time you should cap your edges is during top coat application.

If you’re using dip liquids, you’ll need to apply two layers of top coat. I highly recommend following this technique when applying top coat for dip nails. This will ensure a shiny and flawless finish!

When applying the second layer of dip top coat, run the brush lightly along the free edge of the nail. This will create the final seal. Making your dip powder manicure much more resilient.

Final Thoughts

Failing to cap the free edge during application is a common dip powder mistake. However, once you start capping the edge during the application, your dip manicure will be resilient to chips.

Better yet, this technique will also prevent your dip powder from lifting at the tip as well. If you are getting lifting at the cuticle area, make sure you avoid flooding cuticle by doing this.

Following these tips will prevent chipping and help you do dip nails at home so your manicure lasts longer.

Of course, with a long-lasting dip powder manicure, it’s important to choose a beautiful nail design. So be sure to check out all the nail inspiration and trends on Pinterest here.

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